Koivisto Materials Consulting Inc. (KMC) is a diverse startup company incubated at Ryerson University's Science Discovery Zone (a Deep Tech Innovation ecosystem). The company has collaborated with, and supported solar cell development in the Organic Renewable Energy (ORE) Laboratory at Ryerson University for the last 2 years. In fact, KMC was spun out of the ORE lab, in order to increase agility towards innovation. KMC consists of a group of researchers driven by curiosity and passion in the renewable energy sector.


Bryan Koivisto




After finishing his BSc at the University of Waterloo (2000), and PhD at the University of Victoria (2006), Dr. Koivisto held an NSERC PDF position at the University of Edinburgh investigating the utility of molecular machines for light harvesting (2006-2008). Dr. Koivisto then joined the Institute for Sustainable Energy, Environment and Economy at the University of Calgary (2008-2011). There he continued to focus his research interests by investigating the conversion of light energy into solar fuels. In 2011, Dr. Koivisto joined the Department of Chemistry and Biology at Ryerson University (Toronto, Canada). As an associate member of Ryerson’s Centre for Urban Energy, Dr. Koivisto’s work investigates the design and fabrication of dye-sensitized solar cells using bio-inspired light-harvesting dyes. Since 2011, Bryan has established a vigorous research program to better appreciate the utility of organic dyes light-harvesting. After receiving promotion to Associate Professor in 2014, Dr. Koivisto has continued to embrace mentorship and innovation in scientific discovery, and has developed a number of programs designed to promote interdisciplinary evidence-based experiential learning. As such, he was the founding Director of the Science Discovery Zone (May 2016 – May 2019); a non-traditional incubation ecosystem hosted at Ryerson University.


Reeda is a 2nd year MSc student in the Koivisto group. While she originally completed her BSc in Biomedical Sciences, she has since then found her passion for solar research. Reeda's project focuses on the commercialization of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells (DSSCs). More specifically, she is researching how to convert existing windows into DSSCs using different transparent conductive electrodes and fabrication methods. Reeda hopes to continue to work on commercializing technology and working in the startup industry post-graduation. 

Reeda Mahmood


After finishing her BSc at Ryerson University, Sahana Sritharan joined the Koivisto lab in September 2015 as a MSc candidate. She then transferred in to become a PhD candidate in July 2017, where her thesis project focuses on exploring BODIPY for light-harvesting applications.

Sahana Sritharan



After completing her BSc at Ryerson University (2009-2013) working mainly on tin, thiophene-phosphazene polymer synthesis, Tamara went to do her MSc at University of Toronto working on silica encapsulated gold nanoparticles as SERS labels for the detection of lymphoma B-cells in tonsil tissue (2013-2015). After working with Mount Sinai hospital, she started her PhD in Koivisto lab in 2017 at Ryerson University working on designing dye-sensitized solar cells for real-world conditions. She is expected to graduate summer 2021. 

Tamara Al-Faouri



Tavneet Singh joined the Koivisto lab in her final year of her BSc for her thesis. She worked with the PhD student, Sahana, on her project about rotaxanes. After graduation, Tavneet has remained with the team as a grad student to complete her MSc. Currently, she is working towards synthesizing a novel dye with a wavelength specific shunt in the near-IR for DSSCs in motion sensing applications.

Tavneet Singh